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Plasma skin resurfacing with NeoGen™ at Revive Aesthetics and Wellness in Ada, MI is a noninvasive aesthetic treatment that uses pulsating beams of nitrogen plasma energy to clear away damaged surface skin cells one layer at a time. The treatment is used for reducing facial wrinkles and lines and for diminishing skin flaws, including acne scars, pigmentation, and more. Plasma skin resurfacing is considered an ideal procedure for patients who want clearer, softer, youthful-looking skin. Based on the condition of the skin type, the treatment will be customized for the best results. Any questions or concerns may be discussed with Dr. Thomas M. Basch during your assessment and consultation.

At our Ada, MI facility, Revive Aesthetics and Wellness provides an advanced solution for skin rejuvenation without surgery — plasma skin resurfacing using the NeoGen platform. This minimally invasive procedure effectively eliminates damaged skin cells while stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin. The result is an enhanced appearance and improved overall skin health. In addition, this treatment offers these potential additional benefits for our patients:

  • Lessening wrinkles and fine lines
  • Balancing out skin texture
  • Boosting skin tone and color
  • Shrinking visible pores
  • Limiting the appearance of hyperpigmentation
  • Obtaining a youthful look

Am I A Good Candidate For NeoGen Plasma Skin Resurfacing?

If you're in Ada, MI or the surrounding areas and are not pleased with your skin's overall appearance, plasma skin resurfacing could be an ideal solution for you. This treatment can be beneficial if you're dealing with issues like sun damage, age spots, acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, redness, or pigmentation issues. Moreover, it can significantly improve scaly patches, rough texture, or other skin surface irregularities. However, plasma skin resurfacing isn't suitable for individuals dealing with active acne breakouts. For any queries about your suitability for NeoGen resurfacing treatments, don't hesitate to contact our experts at Revive Aesthetics and Wellness.

Throughout the plasma resurfacing procedure, you will relax in our special treatment chair while the NeoGen passes over the skin, directly targeting the needed areas of the body for resurfacing. You will experience a warm sensation like a mild sunburn while undergoing the treatment, but it shouldn't be too uncomfortable. A numbing cream can be applied before the start of the procedure if preferred. The NeoGen works by using pulses of nitrogen plasma energy to remove dead and damaged skin cells while also prompting natural collagen production. As a result, you should see brightened, clearer, and revitalized skin.

I’ve been going to Revive for several years. Dr. Basch always takes his time to talk and answer any questions. He was incredibly helpful to me while going through breast cancer. He took the time to print out studies, and was so supportive! Then there’s Di Ann his nurse. She is so awesome. She takes the time to get to know you, which makes you feel so comfortable. I promise you’ll love Dr. Basch and Di Ann for hormone replacement, wrinkle relief, lol, and all the other treatments they provide.

K.D. Google

I love Revive Aesthetics . Dr Basch and Diane are both very professional and are very knowledgeable. They make you feel so comfortable! This is a great place and I HIGHLY recommend Revive.

S.A. Google


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Revive Aesthetics and Wellness plasma skin resurfacing sessions with the groundbreaking NeoGen device provide excellent outcomes if you want a more youthful complexion. If you are considering a plasma treatment and want to hear more about them, as well as other nonsurgical options at our Ada, MI practice, we encourage you to contact us today to make your consultation with Dr. Thomas M. Basch.

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What is the cost of NeoGen plasma skin resurfacing?

Plasma skin resurfacing costs will vary depending on your desired treatment areas and the level of your treatment. During your consultation, Dr. Basch will understand your cosmetic concerns and desires before discussing how the treatment can address your skin. After this, he will help you decide on the extent of your resurfacing treatment and talk to you about pricing.

How many plasma skin resurfacing treatments do I need?

The initial NeoGen plasma skin resurfacing treatment usually provides excellent, refreshed outcomes for patients. However, you might decide to get up to three sessions scheduled. With more extensive resurfacing treatment plans, a more extended period can be expected between treatments. Following the initial treatment(s), you may want to come in for maintenance NeoGen sessions, depending upon the recommendations of the Revive Aesthetics and Wellness team.

Why is NeoGen plasma skin resurfacing preferable to other forms of plasma skin resurfacing?

NeoGen plasma resurfacing is preferable to other plasma platforms because it treats the entire skin architecture at multiple levels, can treat darker skin, and is typically associated with less downtime and fewer complications than comparable devices. If desired, it can also delicately treat the skin around the eyes without the patient needing eye protection.

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