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The phrase "body contouring" is often used in the aesthetic industry to illustrate several different procedures that could be used to create a more curvaceous silhouette. People who deal with difficult areas of fat tissue but would prefer not to undergo a surgical procedure may consider nonsurgical body contouring with the Alma Accent Prime at Revive Aesthetics and Wellness. This treatment uses a combination of bipolar and unipolar technologies to dissolve fatty tissue, tighten the skin, and contour specific regions of the body. In addition, nonsurgical body contouring is frequently used for those who discover that healthy eating and staying active are no longer offering the results they want. Contact our practice in Ada, MI to set up your consultation with Dr. Thomas M. Basch.

Nonsurgical body contouring can assist patients who have had a hard time attaining their desired body shape even with a healthy diet and consistent exercise. More advantages include:

  • Removal of undesired fat
  • Lasting outcomes
  • Optimal outcomes after your treatment plan is complete
  • Very little recovery time following treatment

Is Nonsurgical Body Contouring Right For Me?

You might be an optimal patient for nonsurgical body contouring if you deal with loose skin or unyielding fat in spots that are difficult to get rid of, even with a healthy diet and consistent physical activity. For example, the neck, stomach, lower back, thighs, and flanks can each hold fat, creating unwanted bulges. The suitable candidates for body contouring are Ada, MI individuals who are at a normal weight and desire a more toned, slimmer body but do not want involved surgical procedures with a higher cost and longer healing periods.

Nonsurgical body contouring is carried out in a private treatment area at our Ada, MI practice and can be used to treat the stomach, neck, upper arms, buttocks, and hips. Dr. Basch will go over your cosmetic goals and create a tailored procedure outline to target the regions of concern. For the appointment, he will glide the Accent Prime handpiece smoothly on your skin a few times in the predetermined locations. The heat waves work by removing fat cells and promoting the body’s generation of collagen and elastin to firm up saggy skin. Your appointment may take about 30 – 90 minutes to carry out, according to the volume and amount of locations addressed.

I’ve been going to Revive for several years. Dr. Basch always takes his time to talk and answer any questions. He was incredibly helpful to me while going through breast cancer. He took the time to print out studies, and was so supportive! Then there’s Di Ann his nurse. She is so awesome. She takes the time to get to know you, which makes you feel so comfortable. I promise you’ll love Dr. Basch and Di Ann for hormone replacement, wrinkle relief, lol, and all the other treatments they provide.

K.D. Google

Dr Bosch and Diann are awesome!!!! My hormone replacement therapy is working great.

D.S. Google

I love Revive Aesthetics . Dr Basch and Diane are both very professional and are very knowledgeable. They make you feel so comfortable! This is a great place and I HIGHLY recommend Revive.

S.A. Google

I've gone to Revive for microneedling treatments and botox and I've gotten great results from both! I wish I would have taken before/after photos. The microneedling is recommended to do a couple treatments for best results and DiAnn is great at helping to figure out how many treatments are needed for your skin. Even after the first treatment, but especially after the second I noticed the smoothness and texture of my skin improved. My pores shrunk, any dark spots/scaring I had and the tiny bumps I used to get around my cheeks are no longer an issue for me. I look forward to my next one just to continue the results! Both a friend of mine and myself see DiAnn for botox and she's always so gentle and helpful to recommend how much is needed for your preference. I've recommended this place to family and friends, and I would recommend it to you as well! They do much more than aesthetics though and Dr.Basch is a wonderful, knowledgeable caring physician.

E.F. Google

I’ve been treating with Dr. Basch for over 15 years at the pain clinic and recently started seeing him at revive and can say this has made an enormous difference for both myself and my husband! We have increased energy, mood and honestly, intimacy has been amazing! We both feel like we are in our teens. While it is expensive, it is well worth the cost.

K.M. Google


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What Should I Expect Following My Body Contouring?

There is normally no needed downtime following nonsurgical body contouring, and many people have very few after effects. You can expect to have discoloration, inflammation, and bruising in the treated areas; however, these effects will likely resolve over a few days. Depending on your specific shape and the location being addressed, you might observe visible changes right away. Generally, the majority of patients will see a dramatic enhancement in the measurements of their targeted location over a range of 3 – 6 months. After your body eliminates the fat cells, they won't return. But it's vital to keep a normal weight, as significant weight gain can alter the outcomes.

If you wish to shed excess fat without needing to undergo a surgical procedure, nonsurgical body contouring with Accent Prime at Revive Aesthetics and Wellness might be the best answer for you. Call us to set up a consultation with Dr. Basch at our Ada, MI facility to learn more about how we can help diminish fat and firm your skin so you can have the figure you desire.

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How much will nonsurgical body contouring cost?
The price of nonsurgical body contouring will be based on your unique treatment plan. At the first consultation, Dr. Basch will ask about your needs and aims, offer you ideas, and help you understand your individualized plan. After your plan is developed, we can inform you of the price and discuss the payment options.
What areas of my body may be addressed with nonsurgical body contouring?
Nonsurgical body contouring can work on several different body spots that haven't responded to a healthy diet and physical activity. At Revive Aesthetics and Wellness, this procedure is commonly used to minimize or eliminate fat deposits and firm loose skin on the arms, hips, belly, back, buttocks, and neck.
How long should my nonsurgical body contouring results last?
If you take proper care of your body, the results of your nonsurgical body contouring treatment may endure for a long time. The ideal way to maintain your outcomes is to maintain a healthy, steady weight. Dramatic changes in your weight or getting pregnant following the procedure may alter your results. Your body should continue to age naturally, so you might gradually have sagging skin again after several years.
*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.