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Are you in search of a solution to boost your overall strength and vitality? At Revive Aesthetics and Wellness, we offer IV (intravenous) vitamin therapy to help you get back to feeling your best. With a number of choices to select from, our personalized IV blends contain ingredients that can boost your complexion, aid in fat reduction, decrease stress, counter nutrient deficiencies, address constant tiredness, and enhance immunity. Dr. Thomas M. Basch will work with you to determine which form of IV therapy is right for your concerns. If you would like to explore more about the benefits of wellness IV sessions, please connect with our facility in Ada, MI to arrange an appointment.

At Revive Aesthetics and Wellness, we supply multiple IV blends that can be adjusted to your unique goals. At your initial appointment, Dr. Basch will assess whether you are a suitable patient for the treatment considering your needs and medical history. There are often many benefits associated with IV therapy, including:

  • Better recovery from workouts
  • Clearer, glowing complexion
  • Elevated metabolism
  • Less inflammation
  • Enhanced sleep cycles
  • A better functioning immune system
  • Increased stamina and mental clarity

Once we decide on the ingredients and form of IV drip treatment based on your needs, we'll safely apply the nutrient cocktail in one of our isolated treatment areas. The skin will be cleaned for the needle to be placed. You will be able to lounge or potentially take a nap for the duration of the procedure. The IV drip delivers the vitamin cocktail using careful application into the bloodstream. Afterward, we'll secure a tiny bandage on the site of insertion. IV therapy routinely takes around an hour to complete, after which you're free to leave our Ada, MI facility and resume your day without any downtime needed.

I’ve been going to Revive for several years. Dr. Basch always takes his time to talk and answer any questions. He was incredibly helpful to me while going through breast cancer. He took the time to print out studies, and was so supportive! Then there’s Di Ann his nurse. She is so awesome. She takes the time to get to know you, which makes you feel so comfortable. I promise you’ll love Dr. Basch and Di Ann for hormone replacement, wrinkle relief, lol, and all the other treatments they provide.

K.D. Google

Dr Bosch and Diann are awesome!!!! My hormone replacement therapy is working great.

D.S. Google

I love Revive Aesthetics . Dr Basch and Diane are both very professional and are very knowledgeable. They make you feel so comfortable! This is a great place and I HIGHLY recommend Revive.

S.A. Google

I've gone to Revive for microneedling treatments and botox and I've gotten great results from both! I wish I would have taken before/after photos. The microneedling is recommended to do a couple treatments for best results and DiAnn is great at helping to figure out how many treatments are needed for your skin. Even after the first treatment, but especially after the second I noticed the smoothness and texture of my skin improved. My pores shrunk, any dark spots/scaring I had and the tiny bumps I used to get around my cheeks are no longer an issue for me. I look forward to my next one just to continue the results! Both a friend of mine and myself see DiAnn for botox and she's always so gentle and helpful to recommend how much is needed for your preference. I've recommended this place to family and friends, and I would recommend it to you as well! They do much more than aesthetics though and Dr.Basch is a wonderful, knowledgeable caring physician.

E.F. Google

I’ve been treating with Dr. Basch for over 15 years at the pain clinic and recently started seeing him at revive and can say this has made an enormous difference for both myself and my husband! We have increased energy, mood and honestly, intimacy has been amazing! We both feel like we are in our teens. While it is expensive, it is well worth the cost.

K.M. Google


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Through IV therapy, you can discover relief from many unpleasant symptoms and feel better. At Revive Aesthetics and Wellness, we are happy to perform this unique therapy for patients with a wide range of symptoms. Call our Ada, MI office to learn more information about IV nutrient therapy or to set up a consultation with Dr. Basch.

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How much will wellness IV therapy cost?

Your IV nutrient therapy pricing may differ based on the ingredients used as well as your individualized goals and whether you want a solution for comprehensive wellness, post-athletic muscle soreness, skin rejuvenation, treatment of inflammation, or a different goal. When you have your initial appointment, the total cost will be given along with your custom-tailored plan for treatment.

How can IV therapy improve my health and wellness?

Since IV treatment delivers fluids straight into the bloodstream, it can administer minerals and nutrients while completely bypassing the digestive tract. If the fluids are absorbed by the body and converted into energy for the cells, there are plentiful benefits for an individual's overall health. A handful of problems that can be diminished with IV therapy include fatigue, hangovers, dehydration, nutrient deficiencies, achiness, chronic pain, headaches, and loss of memory.

Is wellness IV therapy associated with any major side effects?

Generally, IV treatment is considered a low-risk, effective way to deliver nutrients, amino acids, and minerals if administered by a trained medical expert. Our staff takes extensive safety precautions to shield against the possibility of infection. You may feel slight soreness from the needle and after-treatment bruising or redness, but these reactions typically clear up in a few days.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.