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At Revive Aesthetics and Wellness, our highly experienced team specializes in nonsurgical treatments to rejuvenate your skin and support your total well-being. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies, like the NeoGen™ for plasma skin resurfacing and plasma skin tightening, as well as Alma's Accent Prime to perform nonsurgical body contouring. Our health and wellness services can help you reach your ideal weight, provide hormone optimization, restore sexual function, and more. Browse through our services below and set up a consultation today with Dr. Basch at our Ada, MI location.

Health and Wellness

Hormone Replacement Therapy

To fix a hormonal imbalance, which causes fatigue, mood swings, low libido, and weight gain, we offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

IV Therapy

With IV therapy, a custom mix of nutrients is delivered straight to your body to provide a host of benefits, like improving your energy and immunity.

Nutrition & Fitness Counseling

Nutrition and fitness counseling can help you lose weight in a healthy way by providing guidance on ways to improve your diet and physical activity.

PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation

For women who want to improve their sexual health, PRP vaginal rejuvenation can improve skin laxity, treat incontinence, and promote better orgasms.

PRP ED Treatments

PRP therapy for erectile dysfunction (ED) in men at our office in Ada, MI can stimulate tissue regrowth, which results in longer erections.


Nonsurgical Body Contouring

As a fat reduction method in Ada, MI, nonsurgical body contouring can give you a more toned figure using bipolar and unipolar technologies.

Plasma Skin Resurfacing

Plasma skin resurfacing is used to brighten your complexion and diminish cosmetic concerns, like acne scars, enlarged pores, and hyperpigmentation.

Plasma Skin Tightening

Sagging skin and fine lines can be corrected with plasma skin tightening, which combines the use of radiofrequency and nitrogen plasma energy.

PRP Treatments

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments work by triggering the production of collagen and elastin to renew your skin for a softer, younger look.



As an injectable wrinkle relaxer, BOTOX is used to temporarily relax the facial muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles to form on the skin.


With JUVÉDERM injectable dermal fillers at our Ada, MI practice, we can soften wrinkles throughout the face and add volume to the cheeks and lips.



For individuals in Ada, MI who want to elevate their skin care routine, we offer customized facials to clean, exfoliate, and moisturize your face.

NewbaSKIN™ Hydradermabrasion

NewbaSKIN hydradermabrasion technology works by performing professional facials that cleanse, soften, firm, hydrate, nourish, and brighten the skin.

Minimally Invasive


To reduce the appearance of skin concerns, like acne, scars, hyperpigmentation, and enlarged pores, our Ada, MI office provides microneedling.

Hair Restoration

PRP Hair Restoration

PRP hair restoration is a minimally invasive and natural solution for individuals in Ada, MI who are experiencing hair thinning or balding.
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