The "Secret" Behind Vitality As We Age

By: Dr. Thomas M. Basch


Dear Patients/Prospective Patients:

By the time we are in our middle years and beyond, we’ve really learned how to take better care of ourselves, and finally have discipline and consistency in our diet, our exercise, and our stress management. For many of us, the busy child-rearing years have passed, and our careers are well established. In other words, we should finally be able to enjoy ourselves. But, we find that we really can’t. We lack energy. Our moods are subdued or downright low. We don’t feel a sense of vitality. Our libidos have mysteriously evaporated. We cannot sleep well. Our internal thermostats misbehave. Exercise has lost its payoff. Worst of all, there seems to be no logical explanation.

In many situations like this, the problem is hormonal, or more appropriately, a lack of the hormones required for a vibrant life. Hormones are the chemical switches and circuit breakers that turn on, turn off, and regulate the body’s organ systems. Without them, or with them in short supply, we simply do not function effectively and efficiently, and cannot tap into our physical and mental potentials.

Enter bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). This treatment may well be the single most productive medical intervention for women and men who find themselves struggling, and yet it is shrouded by mystery, misunderstanding, and even ignorance. The human body produces over 50 different hormones, but it is the production of three of them, testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid, that suffers most as we age. Quite plainly, without these hormones in the correct ratio FOR YOU, you just cannot feel young.

As I look back upon my own professional career, I think of the countless patients I’ve seen and treated who could have greatly benefitted from BHRT, but I never considered it, and neither did most other doctors. We’ve long acknowledged the critical roles played by other hormones like insulin, vitamin D, and thyroid; we’ve known for a hundred years that we can’t live without these indispensable parts of our body chemistry. However, it has really only been within the past 20 years that doctors have acknowledged just how critical the GONADAL HORMONES, primarily estrogen and testosterone, are to our well-being.

Many of my Revive patients come to me upon recommendations from friends, colleagues, or family members. There is no better referral source than established patients who are doing so well that they have to share the “secret” behind their vitality. Feeling good again after years spent simply trying to get through the day is the sort of thing folks want others to experience. Many of my patients have been told that their hormone levels are “normal” and no further treatment is needed. Two problems with this approach. One, the normal range as measured across the population is hugely variable, and two, normal for one person may well be abnormal for another.

Like most doctors, I never learned enough about hormone therapy in medical school to truly be comfortable with it. “First do no harm” is the golden rule among physicians, and the last thing I wanted to do was cause more problems for my patients. Yet as I read one well-done study after another, I realized that in most cases, NOT trying BHRT is far more harmful than trying it. Knowledge truly is power, which is why I strongly encourage patients to investigate bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for themselves. I’ll list some of the studies that I feel my patients need to read. There is a good chance that their doctors are not aware of just how much we’ve learned about BHRT and how safe it really is. I too was a skeptic. It just seemed too good to be true. But my patients’ results have made me a believer.

At Revive, restoring youthful body chemistry via BHRT is just the beginning. I see BHRT as the critical piece that restores the POTENTIAL for vital, vibrant life. From there, it is up to each individual patient to make of it what he/she wants. Many patients simply want to feel energized again or want libido restored to bring intimacy back into relationships. Others want to re-enter the competitive athletics they enjoyed in their younger years, or perhaps just look and feel like they did back then. Whatever your goal, BHRT can help make all the difference.

If you are interested in learning more about how Revive Aesthetics and Wellness can enhance your life, please contact us for an evaluation.

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