Regenerative Aesthetic Principles

By: Dr. Thomas M. Basch


                                                           Regenerative Aesthetic Principles

Revive Aesthetics and Wellness is a regenerative, restorative practice. We are somewhat different from a “med spa”. We of course offer the gamut of purely cosmetic treatments, such as filler, botulinum toxins, hydrofacials, and microderm abrasion, and enjoy working with our clients and patients through these modalities. However, we have found we have an additional passion in restoring the youthful vitality we all hopefully enjoyed in our twenties, thirties, and forties. After the mid -forties, most of us experience a decline. For women, menopause is often the watershed. For men, the decline  is more subtle, and often spans 10 or more years. 

We lose vitality when gonadal hormone levels drop. The same hormones that brought us out of childhood and into adulthood when they increased will take us from youth into old age when they begin to decline. Aesthetically, the impact is significant. Skin loses thickness and elasticity. The supporting foundation tissues in face thin and weaken. Muscle tone and muscle size decline, while bodyfat slowly and steadily increases. We often don’t notice these changes until we see photos or videos of ourselves, and it is then that we realize the impact aging has had. We then pay attention to how much our strength and endurance has declined, how our body has lost its definition and shape, and how our face/neck skin has thinned, wrinkled, and sagged. 

Some of us will chalk this up to the inevitable aging process and work on building a level of acceptance/acquiescence. Some of us will do our level best to deny what we are seeing and feeling. Others will attribute the discouraging reality to body dysmorphia generated by a beauty and youth-obsessed society. However, a growing number of us look for help in the same science that, since the discovery of bacteria, anesthesia, and antibiotics,  has doubled human life expectancy. There is still a great deal of our human physiology that we do not understand. I believe there are parts of our physical and mental lives that we simply cannot now or likely ever understand. But there is a lot we DO know, and it is enough to dramatically change, for the better, the way we age. 

At Revive, we strive to fuse the science of medicine with the art of aesthetics. Quite simply, we want our patients to feel, look, and perform far younger than their years. Our approach to this is as comprehensive and as wide ranging as each individual patient would like. As a medical doctor, I assess each patient’s unique body chemistry and anatomy, and then formulate a mutually agreeable approach, taking into account any injuries and illnesses, be they previous or ongoing.  My 29 years of private practice in pain management has allowed me to learn what can and cannot be done with today’s minimally invasive procedures and then deliver those with minimal pain and maximal precision for optimal aesthetic outcomes. 

Beyond my strictly medical experience, I have had a lifelong interest in fitness, particularly strength/resistance training. This exercise is indispensable to maintaining our youthful appearance and performance. It is the original regenerative medicine, harnessing your body’s natural repair system to build, shape, and strengthen. We take a simple and sound approach, requiring minimal equipment and no more than 40 minutes three times a week. For those of our patients who want to take their vitality to an even higher level, we work with local fitness professionals, with years of experience and success, who can help them achieve truly amazing results. Yes, you absolutely can change your shape and build your power at any age!

Our personal aesthetic is very much a reflection of what we eat and drink. Nowadays, we have an almost unbelievable amount of access to healthful, nutritious foods. Unfortunately, we also have far too much access to unhealthy calories as well. At Revive, we can help you build a menu that works for YOU. No reason to be embarrassed or self-conscious about problematic eating and/or drinking.  We deal with the same realities ourselves. Revive is about creating positive personal energy, and there simply is no room for judging one another. Patients leave our office feeling good about themselves!

When you come in for consultation, bring with you the ambitions you have for yourself and for your life. Let’s use the powers of visualization. See yourself feeling, looking, and living differently. Go ahead and set your personal bar high and bring along commitment and an open mind, because a new day and age has arrived. 

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