Alma Accent Prime Body Sculpting Aftercare

By: Dr. Thomas M. Basch


                                            Body Sculpting Aftercare

Let us help you make the most of your body sculpting! We want our clients/patients to experience success in achieving the physique change they have sought. Here are the reminders and recommendations we would like you to follow 

1. Some clients/patients see results after the very first Accent Prime body sculpting treatment, but most need to get two or three of them done before they start seeing what they want to see. 

2. Keep in mind that the Accent Prime body sculpting has two components: the first is the ultrasound (the handpiece that creates that high pitched hum in the ears) and the second is the radiofrequency (the handpiece with the motorized spinning component). The ultrasound component lyses/melts fat, and the radiofrequency component destroys cellulite and tightens skin. Some patients may require more treatment time with ultrasound, others more with radiofrequency. Treatment is always customized. 

3. The redness after treatment fades quickly. It is not a burn.

4. As humans, we can always build more fat cells as well as enlarge the ones that we have, and this can lead to stretching of the skin and a return to the unwanted laxity. We can also lose muscle mass and tone if we reduce our resistance training.  In short, if we eat and drink poorly/excessively or stop working out after we have completed our Accent Prime body sculpting series, we will lose the improvement we’ve gained. We always recommend that you track your food and drink via a daily diary or one of the phone apps. Make certain to include all the calories from alcohol. We are always happy to review your intake amounts/choices and offer our input. We also suggest that you keep track of your exercise program intensity, consistency, etc. 

We hope that the physique and figure improvement that you gain with the Accent Prime inspires you. It is so much easier to build new healthy habits when we can see progress!                                                                                                                                                            

5. Duration of results from Accent Prime body sculpting vary, but it is not unusual to require a “tune up” of one or two sessions a year to maintain your results.

6. Much of our figure/physique depends upon our muscle shape, size, and tone. At Revive, we place a great emphasis upon fitness, and here, resistance/strength training is indispensable. Even if we run or walk or bike a great deal, most of us will never have the figure/physique we would like if we do not focus on muscular development and maintenance. 

At Revive, we can help you safely and successfully engage in resistance/strength training to maximize your Accent Prime outcome and to bring out that athlete inside all of us.  We can build a workout with you or refer you to one of the excellent fitness trainers with whom we work, both locally and virtually. 

7. If over time you feel that your Accent Prime success is fading, first and foremost, come in for body comp assessment. Don’t depend upon your scale as the primary measurement tool. Weight is far less important than actual muscle/fat ratio. We can help you to make course corrections and get back on track.

8. We offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for a reason. None of us can be our best without optimal hormone levels. As gonadal hormones, particularly testosterone, drop with age, body composition deteriorates. Body fat levels increase, muscle mass decreases, skin elasticity and healing abilities declines, blood vessels become more rigid, and so forth. Years of well-done studies show just how well BHRT combats these processes. Doctors outside of aesthetics and wellness are often unaware of these studies and their conclusions.

If you feel you are struggling with your figure/physique despite healthy lifestyle combined with appropriate resistance/strength training, please discuss your struggle with us. We can help. 

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.