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Those of you familiar with my Revive practice know that we focus upon RESTORATION. As a physician, nothing is more fulfilling than unlocking the human body’s remarkable ability to repair itself. Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) may well be familiar to you already. Extracting platelets and harnessing their healing potential via injection into damaged tissue has become one of our mainstays. The Vampire (trademark) treatment system is based upon this remarkable capability. Many of you have already learned how potent this completely natural approach can be, and I predict that its applicability will continue to expand.

But platelet-rich plasma/PRP/Vampire (trade mark) treatments are just one of the restorative modalities we have nowadays. Hence, we are excited to be the first in West Michigan to introduce NEOGEN, an entirely new tissue repair and restoration approach. It is not a laser. It is not a surgery. It is not filler injection. It is a skin revitalization procedure that is changing the way we see facial aesthetic treatment. Interested? Read on.

Our skin has an inside layer (dermis) and an outside layer (epidermis). The inside layer determines the shape of our skin features. The outside layer determines our surface appearance and texture. Both are negatively affected by the aging process. Until very recently, aside from PRP, we just didn’t have much to offer in terms of actually rebuilding a healthy dermis and epidermis. We focused on making the best of the existing tissue. Neogen, like the PRP, is different technology. It has been designed to actually build new tissue in both dermis and epidermis, improving both shape and surface appearance of the skin.

Neogen applies energy, developed via radiofrequency, to ionize nitrogen molecule and transmit those ions to both the epidermis and dermis. This results in regeneration of the epidermis. Fine wrinkles are removed and skin texture smoothed, and discoloration reduces. But it is in the dermis, that deep structural layer of our skin that shapes the epidermis, where Neogen really stands out by producing new collagen (neocollagenesis) and well as new blood flow (neovascularization). Post treatment, as the weeks and months pass, these regenerative processes continue. The end result is the renewal of that youthful firmness we lose as we age.

With proper technique, Neogen is safe for most all skin types. The liberal application of topical anesthetic prior to treatment minimizes discomfort during the procedure. We can control the intensity of the treatment, so most patients will find the epidermis renewal well underway by days 5-7. By the second week post Neogen, typically makeup and sunscreen can be applied as per usual

We are excited to begin Neogen treatment at Revive this April. Stay tuned for our launch date, and plan to visit our office for your consultation and treatment.

Thomas M Basch MD